Lori Carbonneau - DreamBuilder Coach
          Lori Carbonneau           Live Mastery Consultant

As a Life Mastery Consultant, certified by the Life Mastery Institute, I look forward to helping you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose.

I hope to inspire and empower those who are drawn to me to live their highest vision in the context of love and joy. My passion is teaching clients to unlock their true potential, achieve outrageous success, and live a life they LOVE living!

Becoming a Life Coach

For over 22 years, I have studied and implemented transformational success principles, which have helped me become the sought-after speaker, trainer, and certified coach that I have become. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Family and Consumer Resources and a Master of Arts in Teaching. As a teacher I taught Life Skills to high school students. Even then, I was teaching students the principles to achieve a better life.

After my program curriculum changed I shifted gears and entered the field of real estate. I have been a real estate agent for over 20 years and my husband and I have purchased several rental homes, thus now also becoming a property manager. Upon obtaining my real estate broker’s license, I opened my own real estate agency and in 2011 received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Women’s Council of Realtors. In 2014, although I enjoyed my profession, I felt there was something missing . . . I aspired to do more to help others. I semi-retired from real estate and moved my office home so I could slow things down and find what was missing. It was then that I discovered Life Coaching. Once again, I found my passion for teaching, but with a different approach.

Now, I get to create and teach the curriculum and workshops that my students want and love! In addition to coaching, training, and speaking, I still operates my real estate company and rental homes, and I have written a children’s chapter book “Bear and the Meaning of Christmas”.

How Can I Help?

My coaching programs are ideal for adults who have a life’s dream in mind – whether it’s a new career, a new business, a new personal relationship or a fantastic retirement – and who recognize that they’ll need help from someone expertly trained to give them support, encouragement and a gentle nudge to hold them accountable for moving forward to realize their dreams. I empower my clients to build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create a richer, more fulfilling existence. I never tells one what to do but help them develop their own inner purpose and desires.

A Message From Mary Morrisey
        A Message From        Mary Morrisey

My workshops and coaching programs help individuals break through limitations and achieve much greater results than they have known.

Change Can Be Good

If you are looking to define your dreams, amplify your confidence, and make your visions become truth, I know my coaching program can help you get there.

Combining my background with the proven Life Mastery principles and technology, I am helping clients achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time. I am filled with joy and gratitude as I work with people to transform their lives and close the gap between the life they were living and the life they LOVE living.

I offer content rich interactive workshops that take participants on a journey in which they design, define, test, and experience a crystal clear vision of the life they would love – a life that is in alignment with their highest purpose. They will have a unique opportunity to “step into” the life they are imagining and feel a resounding “yes”.

Live Your Dreams!

Lori Carbonneau