What Are You SO Afraid Of?

Every one of us face fears when we are stepping forward to achieve our dreams. This is normal, and it is good. It means you are on your growing edge! 

The following questions are designed to help you analyze your fears. They will help you identify what you’re afraid of, see the consequences of your fear, and then take meaningful steps toward overcoming it. When you feel fear start to rise within you, use these questions to get to the root of it.




  1. What exactly am I afraid of?
  2. Why am I afraid of it?
  3. What negative outcomes am I imagining?
  4. What thoughts am I trying to avoid?
  5. When do I feel most afraid?
  6. What things trigger my fear?
  7. How is this fear hurting my relationships?
  8. How is it keeping me from being happy?
  9. How is it hindering me from achieving my goals?
  10. How is it taking me out of the present?
  11. How is it affecting my health?
  12. What opportunities will I miss out on if I give into my fear?
  13. How would it change my life if I wasn’t afraid?
  14. Which elements of this fear are NOT under my control?
  15. Am I wasting time and energy on things I can’t control?
  16. Which things are under my control?
  17. What actions will I take to reduce the biological symptoms of fear (exercise, breathing)?
  18. How can I replace fear with gratitude?
  19. What steps will I take to be mindful and present?
  20. Who can I enlist to help me overcome my fears (friend, therapist, coach)?

Once you recognize your fear, it becomes easier to look it in the face and take charge. It is okay to have fear, but don’t let the FEAR have YOU!

Live Your Dreams!



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