Every day, I like to read something inspirational. This morning, it was Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book Being in Balance; 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires. I was reading Chapter 7 “Fighting Any Adverse Condition Only Increases Its Power Over You”.

It hit me like a ton of bricks that I needed to share this chapter with everyone, especially those that are feeling hate in their lives. And believe me, it seems there are a LOT of people expressing hate these days.

Whether it be in social media, the news or even some of the TV programs we watch, we witness violence and hate. It seems that no matter what your opinion is, someone has to criticize, insult and bash you for your opinion. Hence, this is why I very rarely post on or even visit my personal Facebook page, or watch the news.

I’ve been reading Dr. Dyer’s books for years, so today I share with you his profound and thought provoking information. I’ve simply copied the pages and pasted them, so none of his words were changed. (There was just too much valuable information to take just a few quotes.)

I hope you enjoy his vision for all of us as much as I did. I choose to live in peace and love, and like Dr. Dyer, send peace, love and compassion to every one, no matter what.

“But, but, but….this hasn’t happened to you!”

Now, perhaps, you become judgmental and offended.

My mentor, Mary Morrissey says “What I see starts with me.” We can continue to live with our story or we can CHOOSE to live in our highest level of peace and love for all. I choose the later.

So sit back and relax for 20 minutes. Enjoy.

Dyer, W. W.(2006). ‘Fighting any adverse condition only increases its power over you’, in ‘Being in balance; 9 principles for creating habits to match your desires’. Hay House, Inc., pp.123-142.

















If you’d like to read his complete book, you can purchase it here. 


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  • Pam Sarney

    Lori, someone just told me that there may be a “black out week” when no media will be able to spread all the negative things-then you posted this! Again -in peace and love we harmonize!!

    • admin

      Ah, that will be a glorious week when it happens!


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